In this unprecedented time, many people are in need. As COVID-19 directives have closed public spaces, many in the restaurant and hospitality industries are wondering where their next meal will come from. 

We wanted to be part of the solution.  And, Staff Meal Dallas was formed. 

Staff Meal Dallas is a collaborative effort between FestEvents Foundation (a registered 501(c)3), SVM Productions and local chefs. The goal is to provide chef crafted meals to restaurant and hospitality workers in-need during this critical time. 

Chef teams are craft to-go packs containing 4 servings of dinner and 4 servings of breakfast to be provided to in-need restaurant industry workers in the Dallas area. 

NEW LOCATION:  Starting on May 2nd, 2020 – meal pick up will be at the Irving Convention Center, located at 500 West Las Colinas Boulevard. Irving, TX 75039  Pick up will be at the loading dock located on the western side of the building. 



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Reserve A Meal 

reserve a to-go pack for Saturday, May 30th.

Pick up times between 10:00AM and 1:00PM 


Breakfast:  Steak and Egg Scramble: cheddar cheese, jalepeƱo crema

Dinner: Whole Roasted Chicken: roasted vegetables, white wine sauce

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Provide 5 Meals 

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Get A Meal Pack

Are you a restaurant worker? Do you need meals? Go to our FAQ pages to learn more about how to receive free meals from Staff Meal Dallas. 

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How To Help

Do you want to help?  Monetary donations through our 501(c)3 are the easiest way to lend a hand.  We are also accepting in kind products from grocery, beverage, sanitation, and packaging.  If you have something to share, please reach out here: 

In Kind Donations

Keeping Safe 

The safety of our chefs, staff and meal recipients is of utmost importance. See the steps we are taking to ensure a safe environment for both cooking and meal distribution.  

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Donate Today

The cost of preparing a meal is a little over $2. 

To provide 2400 meals per week, Staff Meal Dallas will need approximately $5000 for each week’s operations. 

Can you help us keep the kitchen open by pitching in? 


Leave a Tip


   pays for 10 meals

For the cost of what you would tip on a nice meal you can cover up to 10 meals for a restaurant worker in need. 

Donate $20

Big Tipper


   pays for 25 meals

It’s like leaving a big tip for all the restaurant workers that have given you great service in Dallas over the years.  Go big!

Donate $50 

Feed the Crew


   pays for 120 meals

By contributing what you would spend on a nice night out, you can provide breakfast and dinner for 25 workers in need. 

Donate $250

Cover A Week


   pays for 2400 meals

Covering a full shift keeps our doors open another day.  This covers the cost of all 2400 meals prepared for a week.

Donate $5000


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