Here to serve Dallas Restaurant Workers In Need. 

What is being provided? 

Staff Meal Special is providing a free meal for two to members of the restaurant community that are in-need during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Meals are being prepared by local restaurants in the Dallas area. 

Where do I get a meal? 

Each week the Staff Meal Special will be a fixed menu selection from a local restaurant.  You must be on our mailing list to receive an invitation to register for a meal each week.  (The mailing list form is at the bottom of the page.)

When are meals being distributed?

Each week, Staff Meal will coordinate with the restaurant to pick an off-peak time to manage this program.  Details will be provided each Friday for the meal details of location, date and time for the following week.  

How do I qualify to get a meal pack?

Meals are available for restaurant and hospitality workers in need.  To register, fill out this quick form.  Then you’ll receive weekly emails with program detail notifications. 

Is there a cost?

No.  Meals are being provided at no charge to the recipients.

What type of food is being served?

Each Staff Meal Special will contain a meal for two people.  Typically this will be a standard menu item from the participating in the program that has been selected for all recipients that week.  

Why is Staff Meal doing this?

Lead by the FestEvents Foundation, the team providing these meals want to be part of the solution to the hunger crisis facing restaurant industry friends and their families during COVID-19. By working together and leveraging skills and industry insight, Staff Meal Dallas hopes to provide a bit of relief to those in need.

How can I help?

Monetary donations can be made to FestEvents Foundation (a registered 501(c)3) through the Paypal link here. For people or businesses who would like to make in-kind contributions of ingredients, packaging or safety equipment can to be connected with our team directly.




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